Supporting a Wonderful Marlborough Downtown

An association of people with an interest in the downtown area of a town or city, for the purpose of creating an environment that attracts visitors, shoppers and tenants and to develop a communication network to keep  downtown stakeholders informed of issues and events that would affect us all.

Marlborough Downtown Village is committed to finding opportunities for local residents and business people to revitalize the central part of Marlborough.  By identifying and pursuing avenues that will enhance the beauty of this historic area and developing a climate conducive to retail, service, tourist and commercial business, the long term vitality of the city’s core can be preserved.


It is our goal to provide create a basic structure in which small business can thrive, thus providing a steady stream of rental income to landlords whose properties will retain their values because they will be able to afford to maintain them in a safe and aesthetic manner, which will in turn increase the tax income to the city of Marlborough.

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Longtime downtown businesses still going strong

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